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We are proud to introduce the unique educational program of

Our University is one of the 10 World level universities which has launched a state educational program in digital economics, crypto-economics and blockchain

The 5 courses are created in accordance with the international standards:

1. Digital economy and digital services:
2. Cryptoeconomics and blockchain technology:
3. Blockchain - programming and smart contracts:
4. Developer VR / AR
5. Artificial Intelligence
6. Impact Investing

All programs are equipped with multilingual videos and infographics. To implement distance education, a blockchain has been developed the online education platform that allows you to maintain a decentralized register of students and issued education documents, creating a record of training on the Bitcoin network.
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1. Digital economy and digital services:
The program is aimed at teaching digital technologies and digital services.

It will allow you to effectively implement digital innovations in your business.
2. Crypto economics and blockchain technology:
Modern tools of blockchain technology, smart contracts, tools for creating crypto wallets; store, use and protect cryptocurrency, the ability to operate crypto binary in the system of crypto currency trading

3. Blockchain programming and smart contracts:
Blockchain programming tools, smart contract writing, configuration, independent ethereal chains, mechanisms for the storage, usage and protection of information, the ability to debug and test applications that work with hash algorithms

4. VR/AR
You will learn about the possibilities of using VR/AR in various business areas and get the applied knowledge and skills necessary for self-development of VR / AR projects
5. Artificial Intelligence
The study of artificial intelligence, machine learning and data processing technologies, the study of services and platforms created using artificial intelligence, the acquisition of skills in working with big data, machine learning and AJ

Impact Investing
The program is aimed at studying modern technologies of socially transformative investment.
As a result, students learn about the technologies and mechanisms of impact investing, and develop an investment project using Impact Investing, which not only allows them to create an effective business in a new field, but also forms effective solutions to the most complex social problems, changing the world for the better for millions of people.
Online and Offline ways of studying
All official graduation documents will be copied and fixed on Blockchain as well
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